UPC codes for Amazon International , eBay International

All name brand items are invalid and wont work for Amazon like Milton, Link Locks etc. This is a new Policies for Amazon…..
Its a new system they have and they check all UPC’s .
so the only way I could use them is by doing private label.

We don’t print those number for you,

Just send U.P.C. number

When you create a listing on Amazon, use your own "Brand Name", 
- Do not use the certified or famous brands, that is the copyright issue, 
- Do not use the common words (home, love, pen, nice..), Amazon will not approve those words. 
If you would like to use the certified brand, use the code that are printed on the box of your product. 
Thank you!

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    • NOTE -  You buy UPCs as much you need, we do not take any responsibility for the future. Many times the UPCs are stolen by hackers.
    • We will send UPC Codes on your registered Email
    • These codes will be sent to you within 6 hours or less also it is depends on payment confirmation. ( In working hrs 10:00 Am to 10:00 Pm)
    • 100% Money back Guarantee with in 5 days return policyafter 5 days we don't accept any complaint regarding UPCs. 
    • Valid for Amazon.com, Amazon.in, eBay.com ( Not for offline sell )
    • If you face any issue, we will check on team viewer before Full refund
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